Fabrica de Quesos Italianos Del Vecchio SAS

Based in Bogota, Colombia, Fabrica de Quesos Italianos Del Vecchio is an artisanal producer and marketer of fine Italian cheeses and other dairy products, including butter and gelato. It is a family-run business that has been in continuous operation since 1923.

The company was founded by two Italian immigrant brothers, Angelo and Antonio Del Vecchio, who decided to found a business based on a single cheese: caciocavallo. Going door to door, they asked people to sample their wares, but most refused, not recognizing the pear-shaped wares as cheese. But eventually, with exposure, the Colombians came around to the idea, and the company was born in full.

In those early days, the factory was manned by only the two brothers, their wives, and four helpers. By 1994, 72 years later, the company had grown to employ 45 workers and produce 20 metric tons of cheese every year. The traditional ways of making cheese still persist at Del Vecchio, and like the old days, the product begins with one major ingredient: milk

Today, the company sources milk from a trusted stable of local farmers to create both traditional Italian aged cheese and quesos frescos, the fresh cheese varieties popular in Colombia. Fresh milk is taken each morning from the best herds in the Sabana de Bogotá, the high plateau in central Colombia with perfect conditions for dairy cows.

Del Vecchio is a company that is passionate about reaching its customers. It’s 10 stores are located in heavy traffic areas around the city, and the company operates an online store that features free, next day delivery in the immediate Bogota area. In recent years Del Vecchio has been taking it’s same dedication to artisanal quality and passion for perfection to new dairy products. In addition to producing butter for sale in its store, the company’s new gelateria, an italian ice cream shop, makes ice cream fresh for same-day consumption.

Fabrica de Quesos Italianos Del Vecchio SAS was awarded with the 2015 International Star for Leadership in Quality for it’s excellent strategic planning, achieving steady growth of decades with the same dedication to quality and excellence that it had since its humble beginnings in the 1920’s. The award ceremony took place at the Palais des congrès de Paris, in the Espace Etoile, part of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile in Paris, France, and was attended by CEO Carlos Miguel Santos del Vecchio.