The world around us is getting “smarter.” Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) are finding their way into many devices, and are used in all but the simplest electronic products. The problem is that PCB’s need to be so precise, so perfect in their construction, that any errors whatsoever in their printing could render the product useless. Additionally, if the PCB is being used in a safety device, the results of a faulty board could be disastrous. This is where NexRay comes in.

NexRay is a company based in Singapore that creates products that are capable of, in less than an instant, “reading” an entire circuit board and determining if it has any flaws. Known as automatic optical inspection systems, these machines and the functions they perform are indispensable in the growing field of PCB assembly.

NexRay’s machines are an important part of the production line processes for GM and Volkswagen, in which PCB’s are often used to control the essential safety overrides of vehicles. The company excels at customizing a machine to fit the exact needs of their clients, and incorporating these machines seamlessly into production lines, meaning that the board can can merely pass underneath a NexRay custom-made optical inspection unit within the normal flow of their manufacturing process.

Since its founding in 2004, NexRay, with the leadership of President and Founder Mr. Ping Seng Wong, has been steadily growing and partnering with bigger and bigger clients to deliver cutting-edge products and top-quality services. Aside from its automatic optical inspection work, NexRay has also worked in other industrial imaging fields with a wide array of technologies, including ultrasonic measuring equipment, and ultraviolet, infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications. NexRay’s activities occupy the space created by the juncture of science and engineering, allowing technicians and manufacturers to see and sense what human eyes and ears alone cannot.